By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

Comic 3/18/2010

-phone ring- “ACHOO!! Hello?”
Bob: Damn, Nathan you sound like crap. When are you getting the next comic up?
Nathan: You’re right, I do feel like crap, thanks for asking. No, no, don’t worry if I’m dying, just worry about the next comic.
Bob: Are you dying? Cause if not, when’s the next comic?
Nathan: Go away. I feel like crap, can’t breathe through the stuffiness, my head feels like it’s about to explode, and I ran out of Nyquil.
Bob: So, the comic is coming out tomorrow then?
Bob: Hello? Nathan?

So yeah, Nathan still isn’t feeling good, so of course during my drunken binge on St. Patrick’s Day, I came up with a great idea. I’d do the comic. Sure, we all know I can’t draw, but damn it, I can plagiarize his work, so that’s what I did. All of today’s panels come from previous comics that Nathan drew. The first panel is from Fresh Bait – panel 2, the second panel is from Party Games – panel 2, while the final panel is from AB Negative – panel 3. However, the haiku itself is completely new. So I hope you enjoy this little foray into blatantly stealing from my brother, but this wouldn’t be necessary if he would just suck it up. So will there be an actual new comic tomorrow or this weekend? Not sure, but I’ll make sure to call him again :)


Haiku Comics often pokes fun at the horror film genre and may contain humorous drawings of nudity and violence not suitable for children or the workplace.