Snail Mail

The last of the domestic preorders were put into the mail today, so hopefully all U.S. residents who ordered a shirt will be getting theirs soon. International orders will go out on Monday as I need to go to the Post Office to mail those. However for those who haven’t ordered a shirt due to not being sure if they were an actual item, now is your chance. We have them in stock and they are waiting for you. So head on over to the store and pick one up today. More sales = more money = more types of shirts = more mayhem, so it’s a win-win.

Shameless Plug

Zombie Buffet t-shirt by Nathan Olsen and Robert Olsen.

Hi all. Just a reminder that the Zombie Buffet t-shirt is still in pre-sales. Currently pre-sales are set to end on March 31st, but a little bird whispered to me (as I held him in my fist, forcing him to talk) that pre-sales will probably continue through the weekend in celebration of WonderCon being held in San Francisco. So order your shirt now and receive $3 off the final price.

Comic 3/18/2010

-phone ring- “ACHOO!! Hello?”
Bob: Damn, Nathan you sound like crap. When are you getting the next comic up?
Nathan: You’re right, I do feel like crap, thanks for asking. No, no, don’t worry if I’m dying, just worry about the next comic.
Bob: Are you dying? Cause if not, when’s the next comic?
Nathan: Go away. I feel like crap, can’t breathe through the stuffiness, my head feels like it’s about to explode, and I ran out of Nyquil.
Bob: So, the comic is coming out tomorrow then?
Bob: Hello? Nathan?

So yeah, Nathan still isn’t feeling good, so of course during my drunken binge on St. Patrick’s Day, I came up with a great idea. I’d do the comic. Sure, we all know I can’t draw, but damn it, I can plagiarize his work, so that’s what I did. All of today’s panels come from previous comics that Nathan drew. The first panel is from Fresh Bait – panel 2, the second panel is from Party Games – panel 2, while the final panel is from AB Negative – panel 3. However, the haiku itself is completely new. So I hope you enjoy this little foray into blatantly stealing from my brother, but this wouldn’t be necessary if he would just suck it up. So will there be an actual new comic tomorrow or this weekend? Not sure, but I’ll make sure to call him again :)

T-shirt Preorder

Haiku Comics "Zombie Buffet" t-shirt design by Nathan Olsen and Robert Olsen.

Remember last year when you noticed the date was December 24th and you still hadn’t started your Christmas shopping yet? Yeah, this post probably isn’t for you slacker. However, for all of those people who were sitting back and sipping on Brandy and Eggnog on that day, it’s time to sit up and take notice. You see, Nathan and I have decided to do you a couple favors. What favors you ask? Why the favor of allowing you to spend your money, that favor. And the favor of allowing you finish your Christmas shopping ridiculously early this year.

Because we are nice guys.

Now in the Haiku Comics store, you too can preorder our latest shirt. Oh sure, it’s our first shirt, but it’s also our LATEST shirt. I mean, how can you pass this up? Plus, since you are obviously a man / woman / zombie / werewolf / vampire / etc of taste, by preordering this shirt you save $3. That’s right, only $14.95 and $3 S/H gets you a nice, new Zombie Buffet t-shirt. Oh sure, you could wait until the preorder stops at the end of this month and pay $17.95 for the shirt and frankly, more money is always alright by us, but why wait?

Hold on, the phone is ringing. Nathan wants to tell me something. “What? What does the shirt look like? Why do I have to describe it? I meant the picture is right here… OK, OK, fine, I’ll describe the shirt, geez.”

Apparently after taking all that time to color, ink, design, and fiddle with the shirt, Nathan would like me to describe it to you, so here it goes. It’s a shirt with a design on it, there. Huh? Hold on the phone’s ringing again.

“Hello? …OW, OW, OW. Stop yelling, OK, OK, I’ll do it right this time.”

So yeah, Nathan didn’t like that description for some reason, so one more time. The shirt is a 4-color silkscreen transfer printed on a black t-shirt. The shirt pictures a line of zombies, each eating a part from the zombie in front of it, forming their own unique zombie buffet line. It is available in both men and women’s sizes. Nathan tried the shirts on for feel (send money to Robert for pics of him in the women’s shirt) and we feel comfortable that you too will enjoy the shirt types chosen.

We hope that you enjoy the shirt as much as we do. Remember, nothing says friendship like a shirt depicting a bunch of zombies eating each other, so send one to all of your friends. Or better yet, con them into buying their own so you don’t have to.

Year One

One year ago today, my brother took an idea I had and got it up and running faster than I thought was possible. Three panels and 17 syllables later was another stop on the Internet highway. In those early days the sky was the limit and it was obvious that nothing would constrain our combined geniuses. Of course we had no idea just what we had created or how it would turn out, but we knew that A) we were funny as hell and B) we were twisted as hell.

In the upcoming year there will be some changes to Haiku Comics. We have come to learn what we can do, what we can’t do, and what we are able to do and stay sane. Some of these changes will be good, while others will be just that, changes. It is important to know that no matter what changes you see, both Nathan and I are committed to keeping Haiku Comics up and running. Or was that should be committed? Either way, Haiku Comics is not going away.

In the past year we have posted over 150 comics, created a book containing our first 100 comics, a coffee mug, gone to our first convention, started an online store, paid taxes, had a reader get a tattoo of Zombie Baby on their leg (Julie), and generally lost money. But, we have been doing something that we both enjoy, have stayed in touch more in the past year than the previous 10 years, and have come to enjoy bantering with our readers on the site.

So, on that last, sickly sweat note, I leave you now with those famous last word uttered by Socrates … I drank what?


So, there has been some issues where Internet Explorer is showing the navigation bar under the comic as messed up. Well, it’s your fault. No, really, all your fault. See while Nathan changed the bar, the fact is that you, again, yes YOU, have your browser set to use cached information. Oh sure, this let’s the page load faster, but it means that it is using the old CSS information. (It’s OK if you don’t know what CSS stands for, we won’t make fun of you.) So, in order for the bar to show correctly I want you to do something for me … hit your F5 button. “But Robert, I don’t have an F5 button on my keyboard!” I hear you saying. That’s OK, just hit the refresh button in your browser and VOILA! instantly fixed navigation bar.

Also Nathan added a ‘Share’ button to help people spread the word about our little site, so click it :p

Why So Serious?

Photograph of packaged Haiku Comics merchandise ready for shipment.OK, so everyone has used that line since The Dark Knight came out, but sometimes it just works. The reason I am “so serious” is that I wanted to take this time to thank everyone who has purchased a book, mug, or some combination of the two so far. I especially want to thank their patience as we get this whole store thing worked out. That being the case, I have just finished packaging and printing out shipping labels for our current orders. OK, there is one that still has payment pending, but we still love you and will get your shipment out as soon as it clears :) So, on Monday, all of the nice packages above will be brought to our local post office, dropped off in the mail, and sail happily along to show up at your doorstep. Of course, the poor packages have no idea what perverted and sick things our readers will be doing to them, but hey, whatever goes on in the privacy of your own home is fine by us. So once again, thank you for your patience and your continued support of our site. Nathan and I do this because it’s fun, not to become rich. Although we wouldn’t mind becoming rich :)

All orders where payment has been confirmed, including International orders were shipped today. Once again, thank you for your patience.

Grand Opening

Internet too small
Haiku Comics store open
Horror spreads to print

Yes, the above haiku is true. The long awaited, never duplicated, Haiku Comics Store is now open. In it you can buy books, coffee mugs, t-shirts, alien spaceships, and much, much more!

Nathan: “Uh, Bob, no. They can’t buy alien spaceships”
Bob: “What? Well, books, coffee mugs, t-shirts and more at least, right?”
Nathan: “Well, sort of.”
Bob: “Sort of?”
Nathan: “One book and one coffee mug right now.”
Bob: “What?!?!? We will get more right?”
Nathan: “Oh yeah, working on that now, but for now, just the book and mug.”
Bob: “OK, yeah we can work with that.”

So there you have it. Right now you can buy the first 100 strips in book form and our very own Baby Zombie on a coffee mug. We do have plans to expand our wares in the near future. All we ask is that you have a little patience as we iron out the bugs. Currently we are getting all of the shipping supplies put together and hope to start sending out the first products by the end of this week. Until the link is put on the site, here is the link to the store if you want to check it out:

Super Secret Poll Reasoning


So what the hell is going on with the above banner? Well, if you will recall a few weeks ago we ran a poll asking for our readers favorite comics. The reason for this was that we were trying to decide which comics to submit to the Cartoon Art Museum for an upcoming display on web comics. Silly museum, they actually liked our submissions and made them a part of their virtual gallery. BWAHAHAHAHA, the infection continues to spread.

Seriously though, it is a very cool thing to have your work accepted as a part of any display. Granted, we are one of about a hundred artists (never thought I’d use that word in the first person) who have comics on display, but it is still cool none-the-less. So, if you happen to be in San Francisco, stop by the Cartoon Art Museum between now and December and see if you can’t catch a glimpse of us. The entrance fee is cheap ($6 US) and they have a lot of very interesting displays.