7 Responses to “Fresh Bait”

  1. Robert

    OK, I rarely post first. However, the way things are set up right now, I don’t see the comics before Nathan posts them. I do the haiku, he does the drawing. I absolutely love this one. So different than what I was thinking of. Seeing him interpret the haikus in his own way is what makes this so fun. Just as an example the way I saw this in my head was a werewolf family hiding in a house and attacking out of a trapdoor to go at the vampires.

  2. Louise

    ok, for the Twilight fans out there…looks like Edward and Emmett are looking for Bella and Jacob is using her for bait. so wrong in sooo many ways. but is funny, love it.

  3. Hey guys…this one is kick ass (granted, all of them are, but still…). I especially like how the somewhat-literate werewolf is crouched in the corner with a TNT plunger that he OBVIOUSLY stole from Wile E. Coyote.

    I still can’t tell if the wolfman has nards…


  4. Derrick

    Okay…..This is the best one yet! Definitely a tribute to the Far Side – Cat Fud… “Oh, please. Oh, please….” says the dog.