AB Negative


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  • J/Metro

    So, can the vampires only order blood types off of the menu (O Negative, AB Positive, etc.), or do they have specials for more discerning tastes? I mean, can Drac walk in there and order a bottle of Parisian Whore or Virginal Librarian?

    See? Your comic really gets the old thinker working overtime…


    • Nathan

      I suppose it depends on what they’ve got in stock down in the cellar.

      Alas, the older vintages really don’t hold their value.

    • Robert

      It would depend on the class of restaurant / club. I mean let’s face it, even the seedy places will probably stock Parisian Whore, but only your top end places would offer Virginal Librarian. And imagine the price for Virginal Cheerleader or Non-Virginal Geek.

      • J/Metro

        You’re absolutely right. I mean, who among us wouldn’t drop a pretty penny for a little taste of Virginal Librarian?

  • Steve in law
    Steve in law

    Genius. This reminds me of the quality of illustrations of the “Addams Family” comic strips back in the day that New Yorker Magazine featured.

    • Nathan

      Thanks, Steve!

      Now you just need to convince the New Yorker of that. Get to work! :D

  • Koad

    Are you supposed to do the same hoity-toity, swirling-sniffing-swishing-spitting routine at a vampire wine tasting? Or do you just slurp it down?

  • Dr. Zenwatt
    Dr. Zenwatt

    Imagine the excitement. Popping the cork on a newly aquired bottle of abducted insurance agent must be a scream. I really savored the doomed anticipation at the end of this strip.

  • Robukka

    Drink Me.