By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

A Mysterious Package

A loud knocking echoed through my home today. Someone was at my door! Who could it be?


It was the delivery man! And he left this mysterious package — I wonder what’s inside?

Find out after the jump!


Let’s find out!


Hmm. It appears to be a box full of crumpled up paper.


Wait, what’s that?


There appears to be something under the paper! Incredible!


Bubble wrap!




It’s our book! Haiku Comics has a book! And it’s full of comics! And words! Wow!


Bob and I have been working on this book for the past few weeks — it’s such a relief to finally hold a copy in my hands. It came out great — it’s a beautiful little book. I think everyone who buys a copy will be really happy with it.

We only printed 50 copies for this first run. Each one will be signed and numbered and I will be drawing something in every single one of them.


I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the comics being stacked on the page, but it actually works really well. The book is 60 pages long and contains our first 100 comic strips, as well as an introduction written by Bob and a few pages of sketches and rough drawings in the back by me.


The book is being sold for the insanely low price of $10. What a bargain! The first opportunity to buy one will be at A.P.E. in San Francisco on October 17th–18th. Bob and I have a table at the convention and are hoping we’ll get a chance to meet some of our fans and, hopefully, make some new ones! Please stop by and introduce yourself if you get a chance — even if you’re not buying a book, we’d love to meet you.

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  1. Sorry I didn’t buy the book yesterday! Nice to meet you guys, i was the giggling girl who debated getting a mug for my dad. Let me know if I can order the book online Please

    • Hi Hanna, it was good to meet you yesterday. Right now we are getting together all of the paperwork we need in order to get the store up and running. We hope to have it up by the end of this month with both the book and mug on sale to start with.

    • No need to apologize, Hannah! We were honored that you took the time to seek out our table at the con and say hello. It’s really a lot of fun to watch people flip through the book and laugh at our work — we’ve never been able to get that kind of feedback before. We’ve mostly had to judge our success on the feedback of the few people who go out of their way on this site to post comments about the comics. Your laughter was worth more to us than any amount of money.

      Although, we’ll be happy to take your money too.

      Just saying.

      Anyway, thank you for supporting the comic. If things go well, we’ll be at WonderCon in April — stop by and I’ll draw you something. :-)

  2. And for the rest of us imprisoned in other areas of the nation and unable to travel due to the threats posed by zombie unicorns, how can we get our undead postal people to deliver (after duly remitting funds, of course).

    • It’s amazing all of the stuff you have to do before you can open up an online store. The good news is that we are nearing the end of the process and hope to have the store open soon. I wish I could give you a hard and fast date, but I can’t. :(

    • This first run was through Lulu. And the quality is great. Digital printing has come a long way — there is very little to distinguish these books from one printed on an offset press.

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