By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

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    • Glad you are liking the site. Thanks for the plug on your blog. I hope you and your readers continue to like what my brother and I are able to put out.

    • Reviewers are always welcome to post samples of our comics to their site. As Bob said, we really appreciate that you took the time to mention us. Thanks for that.

  1. hmmmm…what happened to the goat, I wonder, and what ever will happen to the father once the spawn get back home…

  2. Well, that was rude; no hor d’oeuvres, no salad, just > plop < "main course!", no seasoning, no marinade, just raw decapitated witch head. Spilling all that Wild Thing wine. The girl isn't much of a cook. A pity, I'm sure the witch could have done much better.

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