Guess What We Found?

My brother discovered a hidden stash of the Haiku Comics book collection. There are only 5 of them, each individually signed and numbered. When they are gone? They are gone forever.

The Holiday’s Are Approaching…

Just a reminder: Haiku Comics can sell you things that you can wrap in colored paper and give to other people.

Or, that you could even give to yourself, if you could set aside all of that self-loathing long enough to complete the transaction. Who knows?

But, really, who wouldn’t be overjoyed to find one of these in their stocking? I mean, if this world needs more of anything, it’s more zombie baby.

And if it helps keep Haiku Comics running, that’s a good thing too, right?

A Mysterious Package

A loud knocking echoed through my home today. Someone was at my door! Who could it be?


It was the delivery man! And he left this mysterious package — I wonder what’s inside?

Find out after the jump!