The Horror! The Horror!

Well, it’s just after 5am here and before I call it a night, I wanted to mention that Bob and I compiled a list of our favorite horror movies which was published the other day over at Midnite Media. Jonny Metro asked us to put together a top ten list but, in an effort to one up everyone else, we decided to make it our top eleven. Nigel would be proud.

In other news, prints of a few of my illustrations can now be purchased online. For those wondering when Haiku Comics merchandise will be made available for sale, we should have some news on that front very soon.

Have a great weekend everyone!

One Response to “The Horror! The Horror!”

  1. Thanks for the plug, guys! Granted, it was a plug for yourself too, but I appreciate it anyway. ;-)

    ::pacing the apartment like a caged puma, waiting for the Haiku Comics book to be available::