Waxed Fruit


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  • Becky

    LOL!! Poor zombie!!!

  • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
    Evil Dr. Zenwatt

    Now that’s just desparate. Looks like the walking dead have been strolling around for a while. The mall looks pretty empty, slim pickin’s. So much for my survival tactic strategy of pretending I’m an inanimate object.

    • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
      Evil Dr. Zenwatt

      I just noticed… in Haiku World, even the usual stick figure mannequins are voluptuous. I so appreciate the drawing style.

      • Nathan

        While I was inking, I was chuckling to myself that it was the Joan Holloway model.

        • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
          Evil Dr. Zenwatt

          Ahh yes, a throw back to a bygone era of luscious dames and great low budget horror movies. You might be able to start a whole new retro “curves and corpses” fashion trend.

  • Julie

    All the taste, half the calories.

  • Drew

    Just like eating the fruit at a home show. :(

  • J/Metro

    So where are all of the humans hiding? Maybe the food court?


    • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
      Evil Dr. Zenwatt

      Or maybe they ARE the food court…

  • Jessica

    She just looks so SAD in the last panel. Well, maybe not sad, just kind of begrudging, like when you want pie and you get a stupid salad instead.