By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

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  1. this comic strip is great.
    it’s unlike any other i read and it’s becoming one of my favourites.
    i was drawn in by art, but the writing keeps me coming back.
    you two are a great combo and i look forward to purchasing your book.

      • and they also hope they don’t scare anyone off with their lettle endeavor…like people looking for lots of happy unicorns ;-p

        • Sorry hun, but I have to agree with Nathan here. I have no problems scaring people off. But I will give them the unicorn bookmark if they come up to me at a convention. Poor girl, she really did like unicorns.

          • “Unicorn Bookmarkers”?! We don’t need no stinkin’ “Unicorn Bookmarkers”?! I surely hope there will also be “blood splattered brain dead zombie” bookmarkers available as well or I will not be coming anywhere near your convention booth. Unicorns scare me. Some people are phobic about clowns, for me it’s unicorns, they definitely creep me out.

  2. You know what I’ve never noticed? The “Tags” underneath the comic. They are kind of comedy gold with this one in particular.

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