Clothing Optional


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  • Rebecca

    well, that was smart of him!!! how does a bottle of scotch play into saving YOU in the afterlife, bob? ;-)

  • Julie

    Good thing he’s not wearing socks with those sandals.

    • Nathan

      I like to think of him more as a retired mafia hitman than a hippie.

  • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
    Evil Dr. Zenwatt

    Heeey, uses guys, ya did good this week, that’s the kind of funeral I like ta see, a man in his casket as he was in life, aloha, Tony. That “vacation (afterlife) hot spot” actually don’t look so bad with temperatures dropping here in Jersey. The entrance to the club reminds me of that Halloween bash I went to last week.

  • J/Metro

    I hope he brought more than just that one cigar, though. On the plus side, he’ll never have to look for a lighter.


    BTW, fellas…your “Horror Hotlist” is now posted over at my blog. Thanks for participating!

    • Robert

      It was our pleasure. I hope that it was what you were looking for.

      • J/Metro

        Yes, it was perfect! Hopefully my readers were entertained, and it pulled at least a few of them over to your site here to see what all my fuss is about.

  • Charity

    Hahaha. I love it! Talk about planning for the after life.

  • Yacine

    You know, I found this strip funny the first time – but it hit me just how REALLY funny it is yesterday when I was bemoaning the soulless worlds of businessmen and lawyers and this strip popped in my head, so I explained it to my parents who burst out laughing.

    I’m printing this one out and posting it on my wall.

    • Robert

      Ahh, so much fun when that little bomb we implant in someone’s head goes off at a later date. :)

  • PJ

    That’s the second biggest giant demon skull I’ve ever seen!

    • Nathan

      I don’t want to live in your neighborhood.