By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

Super Secret Poll Reasoning


So what the hell is going on with the above banner? Well, if you will recall a few weeks ago we ran a poll asking for our readers favorite comics. The reason for this was that we were trying to decide which comics to submit to the Cartoon Art Museum for an upcoming display on web comics. Silly museum, they actually liked our submissions and made them a part of their virtual gallery. BWAHAHAHAHA, the infection continues to spread.

Seriously though, it is a very cool thing to have your work accepted as a part of any display. Granted, we are one of about a hundred artists (never thought I’d use that word in the first person) who have comics on display, but it is still cool none-the-less. So, if you happen to be in San Francisco, stop by the Cartoon Art Museum between now and December and see if you can’t catch a glimpse of us. The entrance fee is cheap ($6 US) and they have a lot of very interesting displays.

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  1. Well, since nobody else has commented on this after a week, I guess I will! I’m really excited that you guys got into the comics display!! Hopefully this will get you guys some additional exposure, although I hope you are not exposing yourselves!! :-o

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