By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

Happy Birthday, Andy!

Your sister, Jeanyce, bought you a copy of our book for your birthday. Unfortunately, it’s going to be late. This is why.

I’ve got to say, my brother writes pretty good haiku for a zombie.


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  1. Wow, you’re so sweet ! I’m a regular visitor, the shy kind of one, so I never left a comment before, but this time I just had to gather my courage and thank you for such a beatiful gift ! I’m so lucky I get to have two gifts (thanks sis), and this one just made my day.
    Oh, I should be careful. If I get a papercut, do I turn into a zombie ? :p

    • No problem, Andy. My brother and I hope you had a great birthday… despite our lapse in timely shipping. From now on, whenever we mess up shipping an item? It will be known as an “Andy.” You are now a part of Haiku Comics lore.

      I understand your shyness — I hardly ever post comments to the comics I love myself. And when I go to comic book conventions I never know what to say to the artists I run into. But I really appreciate that you took the time to say something. For the most part, the idea that our comic has fans is an abstract concept. I mean, we see all the visitors in our stats, but it’s hard to think of those numbers as people. So it’s nice to hear from you guys every now and then — it lets us know you’re all real. :)

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