By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

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  1. So, here I am sitting reading this strip, drinking out of my new haikucomics coffee mug. Coffee just tastes SO much better out of the zombie baby mug. So does Bailey’s. So does scotch. Even the bouquet of my pinot noir is better. Everything is better with zombie baby coffee mug.

    Okay, it’s a shameless plug, but what’s 10 bucks to be able to keep reading this every few days?

    So…like…go buy the mug.

    Dancing with the Stars is better with zombie baby mug…long commutes are better with zombie baby mug…surfing for porn is better with zombie baby mug…dental cleanings are better with zombie baby mug…the spiked stuff these lab guys are drinking would be better with zombie baby mug…

    • Dental cleanings? are better with zombie baby mug…? C’mon, I find that highly unlikely. How do you keep from spilling the liquid it’s holding, be it coffee or Bailey’s, scotch, pinot noir or tainted stuff, when you’re screaming and writhing from the pain the hygienist is inflicting?

      • I was trying to think of something miserable…and it came down to dental cleanings or dysentery. I thought if I said dysentery, it would give the wrong idea, Doc.

        As far as not spilling? I’m a professional as well…my doctorate is in dipsomania.

        • Oh yes, I completely concur, Dr. Shawn, you would NEVER want to use “dysentery” in the same sentence as “dental hygiene” for fear of not only giving the wrong idea, but a very unpleasant mental image as well. As for the application of “Dipsomania” in reference to “mugs as security”…I have done a thorough search through my numerous books of the unnatural sciences and arts and I’ve found nothing on, what can only be, a very esoteric psychosis. Your studies must have been all consuming to have become an expert in such an abstruse field.

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