Spiked: Part Three

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5 Responses

  • Yacine

    haha nothing will “sober” your dark thirst quicker than the police!

  • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
    Evil Dr. Zenwatt

    Oh, now there’s a hickie that goina show regardless of how you try to cover it up.

  • J/Metro

    Somehow I doubt that police officer is going to believe that’s merely a Kool Aid mustache…


    • Robert

      No, but I’ve seen enough women putting on lipstick in their car that he might believe that she hit a bump and got it all over her.

      • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
        Evil Dr. Zenwatt

        Lip stick smear, huh? Ah, “plausible deniability”, I got’cha, but I don’t know…I think the dripping wet red droplets from her chin might have given her away. Still, she did keep her lab coat astonishingly immaculate with all that jugular spray.