By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

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  1. I believe the real question is…

    …Where do these people work that they’re allowed to keep *beer* stocked in the company fridge? And where can I pick up an application?


    • You’d be surprised. I’ve been in many advertising agencies that kept their fridges stocked with booze. It was a common ritual to break them out during late night work sessions, Friday afternoon celebrations, etc. How else do you keep people from quitting after working them 12-15 hours a day?

      Apparently, science labs aren’t much different.

      • But isn’t this a caustionary tale as to why “office fridges” should NOT be stocked with intoxicating beverages, that can be callously commandeered by corrupt co-workers, leading to the offended rightful owner tainting the said “Beer” with a crazied mutant inducing formula trap? I’m just saying…

        • Uh, yeah, that’s it. We’re just trying to protect all of you from making bad choices. See? This is what happens when you drink!

          Now, go to church and pray for your soul.

  2. Whatever is in the beer, the party folks totally deserve what is coming. Stealing marked food stuffs is the ultimate crime.

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