By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

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    • Your statement needs a little more clarification, Yacine. Wish you could do what? Conjure mean spirited murdering manifestations? Or scream while getting your head torn off with blood gushing out your neck? I’m trying not to make any assumptions here. What is clear is that “child” has some serious anger issues that should probably be addressed before she starts running out of family members.

    • I was afraid that might happen.

      Unfortunately Jay, you have a Hotmail account and Microsoft doesn’t seem to be too competent about the whole “email” thing. I have now contacted them TWICE about the fact that they are rejecting ALL mail from Haiku Comics and both times I was assured that the issue was resolved.

      Mail from our server is being flagged as spam and is being rejected before it even reaches your account. If you could, it might help if you complained to Hotmail about not receiving your mail. Just tell them that you were expecting mail from the domain and it never arrived. Maybe a customer complaint is what is needed here.

  1. I guess it pays to be nice. Approach frequently determines response. Be kind, get a cookie. Be mean and some manifestation may rip your fraggin’ head off!

  2. *Sigh* Puberty.
    Some people get hair in weird places, others get the ability to summon a vengeful monster to annihilate their enemies (or older brothers).

    Maybe Santa could come thru for me on this one…

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