By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

Have You Taken Our Poll?

On Monday, I posted a poll. You might have seen it. It looks like this:

Of the following comics, which three do you like the most? (Click on the titles to view the comics.)

Total Voters: 17

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Chances are, you looked over the poll and, for whatever reason, thought to yourself, “I know that the guys who make this comic work really hard at it and all they’re asking me to do is answer a simple poll, but there are so many funny cat videos I still need to watch. Hmm. I’m sure there will be plenty of other people who will respond to the poll, right? They don’t really need my input, do they?”

Yeah, well, here is the thing about that. As of this writing, we have only had nine responses to the poll. Nine. Come on, guys, help us out here and give us some feedback. We are a small operation and we need your support. All we want to know is what you think about some comics. So show us some love, okay?

Thank you.


Haiku Comics often pokes fun at the horror film genre and may contain humorous drawings of nudity and violence not suitable for children or the workplace.