Over Easy


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  • Rebecca

    poor nathan!!! get well soon :-/

  • J/Metro

    I won’t hold the lateness against you…BECAUSE MY HAIKU COMICS BOOK ARRIVED TODAY! It truly is a thing of macabre beauty. Thanks a lot, fellas. You guys really made my day, just as you do thrice a week.

    And number 35 out of 50? Not half bad.


    • Robert

      Glad you got your book and are enjoying it.

  • Yacine

    Aah, those third panel smiles say it all. Nicely “captured.” Love the title, too.

  • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
    Evil Dr. Zenwatt

    So…was that your everyday traveling salesman egg or just a touring egg man asking for directions? Now that they’ve eaten the walking egg man, where do you hide the broken body afterwards? Do they have to worry about someone coming to look for him? Like the giant fowl that laid him showing up looking for revenge?

    • Robert

      Obviously he is a traveling salesman egg trying to sell the farmers a new set of frying pans. Some people just pick bad jobs for themselves :p

      • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
        Evil Dr. Zenwatt

        Oh…that is so sad….tragic really.

  • Shawn

    You should have heard the cover story that the villagers told the King…