Softball Practice


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  • Julie

    OH FUCK. Seriously, first thing in my head when I saw this.

    And also, why wasn’t my school like that?!

  • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
    Evil Dr. Zenwatt

    You know, in high school there were all those rumors about what went on in the girls locker room. Finally, another urban myth exposed (so to speak) to be the truth. This image is both disturbing and wonderful all at the same time. It’s really messing up my highly advanced reasoning facility. I’m tellin’ ya, this kid is taking the doomed route of Ray Millard. Another few days he’ll be tearing his own eyes out with his bare hands…but it would seem until then, he’s goina get in a lot of really great voyeurism. Sweeet!

  • Nathan

    You know, drawing a bunch of skeletons getting it on turned out to be much dirtier than I expected.

    • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
      Evil Dr. Zenwatt

      Oh my goodness…that just has so many double meanings…

      • Nathan

        Just imagine if we’d called this one “batting practice.”

  • Jim


  • Rebecca

    LOL! the pair on the left side…holding an invisible ponytail!! nice level of detail!

  • Lauren

    Just found this comic and I LOVE IT. This is so way beyond awesome.

    • Robert

      Glad you found us Lauren. Hope we can continue to keep you entertained :)

  • MadisonMay

    I love this so much. Ive started reading recently, and now check the site everyday. Totally awesome.

    • Nathan

      Thanks Madison. Sorry for keeping you waiting today.

  • Tanita

    Wow, just found this site a few days ago and managed to catch up that day. Glad I did too, brilliant!!

  • Passerby

    *insert obligatory boner joke here*