17 Responses to “Opposites Attract”

  1. I prefer drawing werewolves with a full-on wolf face, but I didn’t think that would work for this comic — I thought it might make it too difficult to pick up on the fact that it’s the same guy from panel two. So I went with the more traditional film werewolf face. I figure that a more seasoned werewolf might have some control over his transformation, so this is sort of half-werewolf mode.

    Sort of like what Guardian is on the a VF-1 Veritech Fighter.

    • Evil Dr. Zenwatt

      Weird, once changing into supernatural legends you’d think they’d have so much more to talk about. C’mon, can’t we all just get along? Instead of being arch-enemies, how about some monster magnetism? Have we had a hot vampire/werewolf bedroom scenario yet? I say let ’em loose on each other. Forget the “Van Helsing” (werewolf)/Dracula CGI movie smackdown, just imagine the havoc these two sexy comic strip beasts could wreak in a motel room.

    • Evil Dr. Zenwatt

      Yeah, “nice shading” on this strip, but I’m still in awe of the X-Ray glasses “blue light glow”. Never saw that before. That’s right up there with the glittering unicorn rainbow.

      • If only I had the time to do some of the crazier things I’ve thought of — I have a couple of concepts sitting on my desk that I can’t even work on because they involve too much of my time.

        The shading thing is something I’m going to be exploring for a bit here. It’s kind of nice to switch things up a bit.

        • Evil Dr. Zenwatt

          On top of cranking out 3 strips a week (yikes) and trying to keep it fresh, you, no doubt, Nathan, have some sort of a life. I can see how having “time” to do everything you want with a strip could be an annoying restrictive factor (this is where cloning would come in handy). I gotta tell ya though, looking back on the early strips from just last year, your technique has vastly changed, amazingly so. Your recent artwork looks so..so… (dare I say it) professional.