Mail Call


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  • Charity

    Haha. Awesome. “not as advertised” is a great punchline.

  • J/Metro

    Damn! Where can i order one of those!?


    • Nathan

      Either by replying to one of the ads in the back of Gravedigger’s Monthly or by ordering one of those DIY kits they sell at hobby stores.

      Just try not to get glue all over the place if you try to build your own.

  • Drew

    I blame the delivery guy. Next time, pay better attention to the “This End Up” sign.

  • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
    Evil Dr. Zenwatt

    I didn’t know you could still request a “mail order bride”…waitaminute, that looks like the chick I made for Frank. I always wondered what happened to her. Now tell me I don’t do good work, I mean she’s really put together. Looks like she’s been working out, too.

  • Anonymous

    And I can not buy t-shirts why?

    • Nathan

      T-shirts are in the works. We’re currently putting together the infrastructure necessary to start selling books and merchandise. What kind of t-shirt were you hoping for?

  • Jessica

    Ha! I see what you did there. Mail Order BRIDE? EH? Get it? Made me laugh, and what can that guy possibly complain about?

    • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
      Evil Dr. Zenwatt

      Well, unless the poor fellow is into asphyxiophilia he may not be enjoying the situation as much as you might think.

      • Nathan

        I dunno. A super-hot girl is touching him. Sure, she’s an angry reanimated corpse but whatcha gonna do? I mean, no one is perfect.

        Anyway, thanks for all the great feedback Jessica — glad you enjoyed flipping through the archives. :)

    • Shawn

      Yay :) Jessica got the joke. Now I can quit crowing as this is the last comic that I had anything to do with. Face it, considering the booze, not too shabby.

      Great work guys :)

  • Louise

    this is what happens when you shop bargain basement ads online. you couldn’t exactly call this scratch and dent sale.

  • thomas

    I’m a bit disappointed. I just clicked on an ad for this comic; I was expecting a bit more unicorn and a bit less zombie/murder/cannibalism. The haiku’s are nice.

    • Robert

      Sorry Thomas. Although the ad does say “Vampires, Zombies, Killers …. Unicorns”

      • Nathan

        Oh yeah, sure — what have you got to be upset about? He likes the haikus.

        Sorry that we weren’t able to live up to your expectations, Thomas. But, I mean, really? More unicorns? Okay, okay — fine. Here’s a unicorn for you.

        • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
          Evil Dr. Zenwatt

          No, NO, PLEASE! NOT the UNICORN and glittery rainbow again!

          ARGHHH!! MYEYES! MY EYES!!

        • Becky

          darn…was hoping for a zombie eating a unicorn…or maybe a unicorn eating a zombie???

          • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
            Evil Dr. Zenwatt

            Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!

          • Nathan

            I drew a zombie unicorn for someone at the convention last weekend.

          • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
            Evil Dr. Zenwatt

            A zombie unicorn…sort of an oxymoron. I love it! Now there’s a strip I’d like to see.

  • Steve in law
    Steve in law

    Okay, so she’s cranky after a long trip and she may be filled with murderous rage and hate. I think he can build on that. For a reanimated undead type, she’s kind of smokin’ hot, especially for a guy like that. I’m not sure if he’ll do much better. She’s a natch to be a dominatrix, if he’s into that.

  • Nishido

    Bride of Frankenstein’s genitalia. The list goes on and on.

  • qiddas

    Ah, this must be a product of Japan.

    2nd comment on your site. Love your work!