Free Fall


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  • J/Metro

    Poor guy.

    At least he got a nice upskirt glance before it all came crashing down around him.


  • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
    Evil Dr. Zenwatt

    Oh, how tragic; the cursed life of a superhero.

    Well, at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…

    and again…and again…

    Oh no, wait…how did the woman start falling? The outside of the building seems like an odd setting.

    • Robert

      I would suggest rereading the first line of the haiku. It has a small hint on how she started falling.

      • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
        Evil Dr. Zenwatt

        Well…okay, so? The rail broke…how we suppose to know that’s not about some unrelated “rail”road mishap, huh?…okay, okay, I reaching…but now c’mon; “The Dog” gets a whole “Running Play” retro history lesson and all I get is a lousy “reread the first line”? What a gip.

    • Nathan

      LOL. I think someone is trolling.

  • Julie

    Everyone loves spaghetti.

  • Kerry

    Physics is real!

  • Shawn

    Remember those old Superman comics when he would lift like a cruise ship from the center? I always wondered why it wouldn’t just punch him up through it, or simply snap in half…

    So this plays into my mindset PERFECTLY :)

  • jeremythedog

    you and warren ellis are the only writers to get this right.

  • qiddas

    “She was like this when I fle-, when I GOT here, officer.”