21 Responses to “Running Play”

  1. actually, i’m thinking that helmets with face guards would be an OUTSTANDING way to keep a pet zombie…do you think they would be smart enough to loosen the strap? do you think the shield would lessen the risk of getting bit? even a teeny tiny bit?

    • Even if a zombie couldn’t figure out how to remove a football helmet, there wouldn’t be much to stop him from using his hands to scoop the brain matter out of a victim’s skull cavity and then to shovel it into his mouth through the bars of faceguard.

      Infection might be reduced, but even a neutered zombie is a threat.

  2. Evil Dr. Zenwatt

    An interesting theory; a zombie in football gear might be enclosed enough to be rendered harmless…might a suited up football player also be armored up enough to survive a zombie attack? Granted, they would need additional arm and leg coverage, but isn’t that’s what line blockers are for.

    BTW; nice trip down retro-history lane.