By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

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  1. actually, i’m thinking that helmets with face guards would be an OUTSTANDING way to keep a pet zombie…do you think they would be smart enough to loosen the strap? do you think the shield would lessen the risk of getting bit? even a teeny tiny bit?

    • Even if a zombie couldn’t figure out how to remove a football helmet, there wouldn’t be much to stop him from using his hands to scoop the brain matter out of a victim’s skull cavity and then to shovel it into his mouth through the bars of faceguard.

      Infection might be reduced, but even a neutered zombie is a threat.

  2. An interesting theory; a zombie in football gear might be enclosed enough to be rendered harmless…might a suited up football player also be armored up enough to survive a zombie attack? Granted, they would need additional arm and leg coverage, but isn’t that’s what line blockers are for.

    BTW; nice trip down retro-history lane.

    • While a uniform might be able to contain a zombie, I don’t see a uniform protecting you from one. Entirely too many places that aren’t protected.

      • Ahhhh, but what about a hockey player, eh? Oh yeah, that’s the ticket. Those guys are completely thickly padded and armored up. They have to tear off their gear to duke it out. They even come with a wacking stick and foot blades for weapons. They could do circles around zombies on the ice. That’s the answer!

        Waitaminute…do zombies even go out in freezing weather?

    • For me, it wasn’t the zombies I was worried about, but these “eat a geek for breakfast” braindead jocks that kept me off the football field…hmm, I guess there really wasn’t much difference.

      • Okay guys, as I was officially (okay totally non-officially) involved in this one? The hand off play I imagined was the RB taking off with the QB’s hand (AND ball)

        Although Nathan’s drawings on this are simply righteous :)

        Much love.

        (Now if we could get HOCKEY playing zombies? New wallpaper to replace the Paris-shower-peeping zombie)

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