By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

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  1. Oh how i love the Zombies. :]

    BTW I’m glad we got to do a convention together… If I had more money I would have bought one those awesome mugs i was staring at from my booth! OHHHH Well, Hope to see ya at another one soon and who knows by then I’ll be able to afford one. :P

    • Man, I wanted to buy out the entire convention. There was so much amazing stuff at APE — I didn’t know where to start. The only thing I ended up buying was Grace Chen‘s mini comic.

      Speaking of coffee mugs… I think this strip has gotta to be on the short list of candidates when we print up a new batch.

      • wait was that the girl exhibiting right next to TNP Press? in right across from your both? cos that looks really familiar.

        I avoided looking at other peoples art TOO much because i was afraid of breaking even or even spending more that what i made due to the fact that i bought everyone elses stuff. lol I think that’s what happened to my friend over at the Eros Inc table. Every time i visited him he bought more stuff. lol

        I think this would make a great mug. :]

        • Right across from us was the Piximix table. She was directly to the left of that looking out from us if that helps you.

  2. I love that fat one sitting down, with the intestines between his toes! I think he’s my favorite zombie out of all the ones you’ve drawn here…except for Zombie Baby, of course.


    Hope you guys had fun at APE. It kills me I couldn’t have gone.

  3. Okay, I’m glad y’all had a good time goin’ APE, can we get back to the cannibal zombies now? We’re witnessing the circle of life (or…rather…”undead”) here. There’s somethin’ kinda incestuous about this whole chain of nibblers. Could they have all been residents of a trailer park in Kentucky before they got infected?

  4. Aaah! Have I ever mentioned that I’m not too fond of zombies? I wonder if they would turn on each other…all the people I know take the zombie threat very seriously. And no problem, I love stumbling upon an awesome webcomic, it’s very sharp and where else can haiku and adorable zombies meet?

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