Out Of The Fire

Celebrating Haiku Comics’ 100th comic strip!


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  • J/Metro

    CONGRATS ON YOUR CENTENNIAL STRIP! Here’s to a hundred more.

    It’s always good to see the return of Zombie Baby.


  • Drew

    That kids a real “Do-It-Yourselfer”!

  • Dr. Zenwatt
    Dr. Zenwatt

    As if a fireman’s job wasn’t hazardous enough already, now they have to contend with fireproof zombie munchkins munching on them.

    So is that blood around the zombie baby or…aw, nevermind.

  • Nathan

    Thanks guys! Bob and I really appreciate your support. It’s hard keeping a project like this alive, let alone to nurture and grow it into something more than just a hobby. I would really love to see what I could do with the art for Haiku Comics if I could give it more time — because I can draw.

    While it’s great to say that we’ve been able to keep to our deadlines, I am far more proud that, for the most part, we’ve managed to keep the quality of the strip up no matter what’s been thrown our way.

    Thanks a lot for reading!

    • Robert

      Show off!!!

    • Becky

      heh…keep the project alive…at the expense of your victims…er…faithful readers

    • J/Metro


      I had already seen the Lovebot_02 pic (or, as I call it, Lovebot Conquers Chinatown) on your webpage and thought it was awesome. In fact, it was my desktop background for quite a while. Thanks for the links to the others. Lovebot_06 blew my freakin’ mind!


    • Drew

      You haven’t “kept” the quality, you’ve greatly improved it!

  • Julie