9 Responses to “Out Of The Fire”

  1. Dr. Zenwatt

    As if a fireman’s job wasn’t hazardous enough already, now they have to contend with fireproof zombie munchkins munching on them.

    So is that blood around the zombie baby or…aw, nevermind.

  2. Thanks guys! Bob and I really appreciate your support. It’s hard keeping a project like this alive, let alone to nurture and grow it into something more than just a hobby. I would really love to see what I could do with the art for Haiku Comics if I could give it more time — because I can draw.

    While it’s great to say that we’ve been able to keep to our deadlines, I am far more proud that, for the most part, we’ve managed to keep the quality of the strip up no matter what’s been thrown our way.

    Thanks a lot for reading!