By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

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  1. Guess it’s three strikes and your out!
    I was wanting eye patches, hair implants, mechanical heart, the 6 Billion Dollar Clown. lol

  2. Yegads, that’s harsh; fried clown on a stick?… But Julie’s right, Clowns are creepy as Hell anyway…so c’mon, resurrect the easily distracted, amputee clown, by popular demand, for yet another act. I mean the poor fellow has survived chainsaws and a tank full of sharks, what’s a little electrical shock? With charred remains, possibly faceless, more new limbs, oh this just gets better and better. If a doctor is neededed, I specialize in cybornetics.

  3. Sparky the Clown? Stumpy the Clown? Does he have a name? I think he could be called Ooopsy the Clown given all his accidents.

  4. NO! Wait! GIMPY THE CLOWN!! That clown name combines the right balance of accuracty, gallows humor and bad taste I think we all crave!

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