Can’t Win

New reader? Click here to read our hapless protagonist’s first appearance, Clowning Around.


11 Responses

  • J/Metro

    Oh, no! This can’t be the end of everyone’s favorite amputee clown!


  • Becky


  • Drew

    Guess it’s three strikes and your out!
    I was wanting eye patches, hair implants, mechanical heart, the 6 Billion Dollar Clown. lol

    • Robert

      It almost went that way. And besides, who says it still can’t?

  • Julie

    It’s all good. Clowns are creepy as hell anyway. :3

  • Dr. Zenwatt
    Dr. Zenwatt

    Yegads, that’s harsh; fried clown on a stick?… But Julie’s right, Clowns are creepy as Hell anyway…so c’mon, resurrect the easily distracted, amputee clown, by popular demand, for yet another act. I mean the poor fellow has survived chainsaws and a tank full of sharks, what’s a little electrical shock? With charred remains, possibly faceless, more new limbs, oh this just gets better and better. If a doctor is neededed, I specialize in cybornetics.

  • Julie

    A deathmatch between Zombie Baby and Zombie Clown would be interesting.

  • Steve in law
    Steve in law

    Sparky the Clown? Stumpy the Clown? Does he have a name? I think he could be called Ooopsy the Clown given all his accidents.

  • Steve in law
    Steve in law

    NO! Wait! GIMPY THE CLOWN!! That clown name combines the right balance of accuracty, gallows humor and bad taste I think we all crave!

  • jeremythedog

    that third panel is black comedy gold.

    comedy oil?

  • Evelyn Poor
    Evelyn Poor

    Check out the pretty girls, get angry at the pretty girls, anything to do with pretty girls, the clown can’t win.