Til Death


4 Responses

  • J/Metro

    Wow…I really like the “camera work” on this one!


  • jeremythedog

    the ‘camera’ on the first panel is almost too close. i kinda needed the second panel to confirm what i was looking at.

    • Armando

      Although, it does correspond to the angles overpriced wedding photogs use… me thinks somebody has experience with this.

  • Dr. Zenwatt
    Dr. Zenwatt

    Whoa ho, yep, that pretty much sums up my impressions of marriage. Gives the term “…until death do you part”, a whole different meaning. Gets a little complicated, doesn’t it? In fact, makes the phrase “Starting a new life” sound down right profound. Not to mention the expression, “She gets hers now, he gets his tonight”… yikes.