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  • Julie

    Places like that need somewhere you can swipe a card.

    I like the art style you’ve been doing lately. Very nice.

  • J/Metro

    I do believe that is the most attractive girl ever to appear on Haiku Comics.

    No wonder that vampire is so pissed off. She only lasted for two panels!


    • Yacine

      The first thought that popped in my head when I saw her was “Megan Fox.” I wonder if that was accidental or intentional.

      Maybe this can be the source of inspiration for a short film starring Megan Fox… And, from what I gather of the vampire, Nicholas Cage?

      • Nathan

        Accidental. I didn’t have anyone in mind when I drew this strip.

        I think I’d go with a From Dusk Till Dawn-era Salma Hayek with Steve Buscemi as the vampire.

        • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
          Evil Dr. Zenwatt

          YEAH! Serpentine Salma Hayek and always lookin’ half-dead Buscemi? Excellent choices. And I ain’t just talkin’ “Dusk till Dawn” era neither. You catch her cameo in “Across the Universe”? Megan Fox ain’t got nuthin’on that smokin’ hot Latina. Such an innocent cut with that butcher knife, then the band-aid…what a tease.

  • jeremythedog

    dang it, more money is always required.

  • Robert

    OK, because it’s so rare that I get to mess with him. In the first panel, it looks like there is some sort of ribbon in her cleavage, but it is gone in the second panel. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE RIBBON NATHAN! WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?!

    • Nathan

      Don’t think I didn’t notice. I did. And it haunts me.

      • Rebecca

        um…you changed the cat comic before…i think a little presto chango disappearing ink would be ok if it REALLY gets your gruff, Nathan! ;-)

    • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
      Evil Dr. Zenwatt

      Are you serious? Seems to me a little ribbon bow like that wouldn’t have a chance at all before it got swallowed up in that Salma Hayek cleavage. And personally, I wasn’t really paying much attention to that ribbon, “A ribbon? What ribbon?…Oh yeah, there’s a ribbon!”