Black Friday


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  • Armando

    Are you doing something different with the inking? It looks really cool.

    • Nathan

      Thanks! Yeah, I’m now using an entirely different “inking” process. I sort of felt like I’d gone as far as I could with the way I was working.

    • Yacine

      I agree completely, I’m a big fan of your artwork and I love what you’ve been doing lately even more.

  • J/Metro

    Ugh…that’s pretty much what I was facing at 4:00 this morning. Damn retail corporations and their greed.


  • Robukka

    Is a thing I bought no thing this day.

    • Robert

      Robukka. In America, the day after Thanksgiving is when stores are said to finally make a profit for the year, hence Black Friday to mean profit. There are a ton of sales on that day and people go to the stores very early to try and get the best deals. Sometimes … it goes badly.

  • Steve in law
    Steve in law

    Retail. Yep, it’s that bad.

  • Drew

    I do all my Christmas shopping on Amazon…
    AND on

    • Rebecca

      LOL!! nice plug!

  • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
    Evil Dr. Zenwatt

    All those undead arms reaching in through the gate…this is where a chainsaw would come in handy.

    • Rebecca

      hmmm…wrong store…i think they’re in the shack…

      • Nathan

        Maybe they could get something going with the paper shredders.

        • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
          Evil Dr. Zenwatt

          WOOHOO! Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!

      • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
        Evil Dr. Zenwatt

        Obviously, you haven’t thoroughly looked thru a “Shack” store before. It just so happens they have a whole section of zombie survival equipment (including chainsaws) back between the CB radios and home alarm systems. I wouldn’t have noticed it myself if someone hadn’t pointed ’em out. It’s easy to miss.