Plausible Deniability


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  • Becky

    HAHAHA!! Not sure which part of this I love best! took a bit to figure out what potus was checkin out…too slow…LOL!!!

  • J/Metro

    That alien on the left?

    What a dickhead.


  • Julie

    Is.. is that a dickhat?

    • Robert

      What? Us cater to the lowest common denominator? NEVAH!

      • Becky

        you guys going to market dickhats at APE?!?!?

  • Julie


  • Nathan

    Who are we to judge? Sure, they may behave oddly, but this is a race that has mastered space and time. They move freely among the stars, exploring new worlds and new civilizations. Theirs is an intelligence so advanced that humanity couldn’t hope grasp the subtle intricacies of their culture and dress.

    But still, yeah, you’ve gotta wonder.

    Alien leader drawn by Nathan Olsen of Haiku Comics.

    • Becky

      no teeny weenie there! that alien is HUNG!!!…(or faking it!)

      • Louise

        maybe that’s why he get to wear the big kahoona’s hat? talk about status symbols. now have a good look at his staff….the big weenie with all his little weenies all around

  • Dr. Zenwatt
    Dr. Zenwatt

    Well, you know what they say about aliens who dart about the galaxy wearing big dick head gear; they’re probably compensating for inadequacies elsewhere. I bet it crusies around in a oversized mothership too. Is that a side arm disinegrater in its pocket or is it just happy to see an attractive terrestrial? Always glad to see when the…”things” are back in town. Would explain why it’s not going so smooth in D.C. right now.

  • Jennie

    Guys, that crank call is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Nishido

    Which is the name of this alien race, Dicktorians?
    We do not seem so different to them. Their boss is the bigger dick possible.