Finally! Er, a new comic?

With no new comics in over a month here at Haiku Comics headquarters, Evelyn Poor of Trans Girl Diaries has apparently taken it upon herself to keep the strip alive. Check it out.

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering where we are and when to expect a new strip, well, I’m not sure. The blame can once again be placed entirely on me — this time a back injury put me out for a couple of weeks in January and I’ve been scrambling to keep up with my workload ever since. My back is fine now, but my schedule is still pretty packed. Hopefully I get something going here again soon.

In other news, the first edition of the Haiku Comics book finally sold out. Neat!

2 Responses to “Finally! Er, a new comic?”

  1. Well, that comic was pretty cool…but it hardly quenched my thirst for a new authentic Haiku Comic. My birthday’s coming up…a new strip on April 21st would be a great way to kick of my 32nd year. ;-)

    Congrats on selling out the first edition. Any plans on a book two?