8th Amendment


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  • virus

    he didnt think about it very well

  • J/Metro

    See? I knew there was a reason that you shouldn’t murder your wife. I just hadn’t figured out what that reason was until now…


    • Nathan

      To be fair, it works both ways. If your wife ever murders you, it would be totally acceptable for you to haunt her for eternity.

      I read that in Emily Post.

  • Rebecca

    derrrr…i didn’t think that was his wife…or even his mother…i thought it was just a bothersome sidekick…but he is SO sportin the wife-beater…thanks for the additional chuckle!!

  • Steve Millikin
    Steve Millikin

    This happens to my clients all the time!

  • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
    Evil Dr. Zenwatt

    So you’re illustrating that murder is but a temporary solution to a permanent problem? As opposed to suicide that would be the reverse?