World Cup Twist


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  • SteveinLaw

    Never think to catch a ball with your noodle, it might leave a bad impression on your mind. The T-Shirts are terrific!

  • Julie

    Well, if that is England depicted in the strip, they wouldn’t have to worry about touching the ball.


    • Robert

      Well, that was kind of the point :p

  • Nathan

    In case anybody was wondering, yes, that was Zombie Head that took out Kendrick Perkins the other night too.

  • J

    This sounds like nitpicking, but… I’m only counting 6 syllables in the second line. Are you pronouncing “toward” as “to-ward” maybe?

    And what sort of silly people name a game “Football” when you actually use your feet on the ball; You’re supposed to save that name for a game where you carry the ball in your hands. That makes much more sense. :P

    • Robert

      Actually, yes, we are pronouncing it to-ward, but that is because the dictionary says to :) or I pretty much look up every word that I use in a haiku. Can I make mistakes, sure. But I’m pretty confident this time :)

      • Nathan

        Sure, in the eyes of some, Haiku Comics might be a crass and vile comic strip with little redeeming value — but I say that those narrow-minded individuals overlook how much we contribute to the educating the public about the fucked up nature of the English language.

        I mean, I’m not saying that they aren’t right otherwise, but at least we have that.

        • Rebecca

          LOL….anguished english