Sword In The Stone


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  • Harriet

    the twist that Disney were afraid to show.

    (Spent the last two days reading your archive. <3 you guys are so amazing it hurts to laugh. My ribs cracked, my sides split, and tears fell from my eyeballs. The zombies only had a pre-cracked feast. Well done sirs. Well done)

    • Nathan

      Wow, that’s some praise! Thanks for the kind words, Harriet. Sorry you had to get introduced to us under such terrible circumstances. Perhaps after the zombies are done with your corpse, you’ll be able to find the time to stay on as a reader. You know, when THE HUNGER doesn’t have you out hunting for fresh brains.

  • Julie

    Not everyone gets an “A” in living.

    • Nathan

      I have a C+ average, myself.

      • Julie

        I’m a D student. It’s awesome.

        • Evil Dr. Zenwatt
          Evil Dr. Zenwatt

          I must say, I have only pity for those of you satisfied with your lack of intellectual superiority. I myself graduated at the top of my class and was voted “Most likely to Take Over the World”. Pardon me while I scoff at the rest of you.

          • Rebecca


          • Julie

            I had a teacher tell my parents I was most likely to become a prostitute. Just as rad.

          • Yacine

            Nothing wrong with prostitution. There’s a reason it’s the oldest profession in the world!

  • Charity

    Some anointed ones don’t last very long…