By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

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  1. i’ve always wanted to go back in time to my high school years and kick myself in the ass…and be a study buddy (especially in *%#%$ math!!!)…now, thanks to haikucomics, i know that doing so would create a vicious cycle and an untamed genius…going in circles…sounds about right

  2. Geesh, you guys must be reading my e-mail. Why it was just the other day I was chatting with Evil Dr. Zenwatt No.3 (we had to take out EDZ#2) about that silly misunderstanding we had over me supposedly stealing his time machine that hadn’t even been invented yet,,,

  3. BTW, that’s a very nice lookin’ “Time Riff Suspension Differential Hover Jet Scooter Variance Portal” bubble.

    • Actually, the ‘a’ in vengeance got caught in a time displacement field and is currently floating around in another dimension, adrift in the time sea. Honest :)

    • See, there you go. It finally found it’s way out of the space-time loop it was stuck in and appeared. Hopefully that is the last of the time traveling issues we have.

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