20 Responses to “I Scream”

  1. Evil Dr. Zenwatt

    Yikes! This is remarkable; Zombie Head keeps coming back after being wacked, crushed, dribbled, drown and pulverized in a lawnmower. This celebrated phenomenon should be preserved for scientific research. Who can know what misadventures its marotting body has been on? Imagine the military possibilities. How has this been kept from the mainstream media? You are right, of course, the cover-up is necessary, yet one would think a J/Metro inspired Bobble Zombie Head would have materialized by now. And no doubt, Drew’s Zombie Head Christmas ornament would be in high demand. The public awaits with bated breath.

    • I think I can safely say that until readership / sales go up drastically that a Zombie Head ornament will not be seeing the light of day anytime soon. That’s OK, just don’t want people to get their hopes up.

          • more readers with more spending money = greater possibilities for zombie head ornaments or antenna balls…time to get to work bringing in more recruits!!!

            btw, very happy to see zombie head bounce back into view!

        • You can do more than dream. Go recruit more people to read Haiku Comics. The more readers we have, the more cool stuff we can do.

          Bob and I do what we can to bring in new readers, but really its up to you guys to spread the word and make this comic something viable that Bob and I can do long-term.