Werewolves Vs. Vampires: Round Five


4 Responses

  • Julie

    They have leash laws for a reason.
    Glad it’s finally up, HC is my reason to get up each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

    • Nathan

      Well, the blame rests entirely with me. Bob gets me the haikus a week in advance usually, sometimes even earlier.

      Unfortunately, I have a lot of work outside of the comic that I need to focus on. I’m doing my best to not let the quality of the comic slip and stick to the deadlines, but it’s tough.

      I feel really lucky to have such a great audience to do these comics for and I really appreciate everyone’s understanding.

      I will try to sleep less.

  • Drew

    So what’s the score now, Vampires 3, Werewolves 2.
    Although we still aren’t sure if the Vampires fell for the trick in #1

  • Becky

    hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! my poor werewolves just can’t get ahead of the game!!