By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

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  1. Oh my goodness, there are just so many wonderful possibilities for horrific catastrophic disaster here; mutant squirrels, a chemically dependent psycho female, a starving paranoid youth, the ingested property damage, no bread crumbs, wives 100s of miles away, and not a single zombie in sight?! The suspense is so intense. Of course, we all know there is no predicting the outcome of this updated retelling, and we must wait for another mere morsel in this cannibalistic saga until next week? It’s all so deliciously unbearable.

    Man, that evil Betty Crocker of the Fairy Tale world has a sweet crib…

  2. Hey, us mad scientist enjoy a good comic book read. Is it possible I could obtain a mythical copy as well, or are these demented bounds of literature far too scarce to share?

    • If we sell all the books before we go to the convention, we’ll have nothing to sell at the convention. And the convention gives us the opportunity to convert more fans so, unfortunately, no, we can’t sell these book now.

      If we sell out, we will print more.

      • Yeesss, that’s right, don’t give them too much…at first…that’s how it begins; a small group of convention curiousity seekers are lured in and become infected, then more of the insidious substance is manufactured in dark secret labs. Further and further it spreads until the WHOLE WORLD is swarming with HAIKU COMIC books…BAH HAA HAa ha ha….

        Aw c’mon, it’s the first really good evil plan for world domination I’ve been able to come up with in a while.

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