See Saw


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  • Julie

    Being dead is AWESOME

  • J/Metro

    I love the fact that the kid in the hat is breaking the fourth wall and hamming it up Norman Fell style for the viewing audience.


  • Becky

    do girls join the club, or is it a boys only afterlife?

    • Robert

      They are young boys. No Girls Allowed!!

      • Becky

        Ah! Even in the afterlife, the old “He Man Woman Haters Club” lives on…Darla would be disappointed ;-)

  • Robukka

    Is sad is joy; is respectful is campy. Glad I am not familiar with the method I really can’t decipher the causeof.

    • Robert

      Apparently it is easier to cut yourself if you are in a bathtub full of hot water. Why? I have no idea as it seems like it would hurt just as much. I think the idea is that the water keeps the blood from congealing so you actually die. Yeah, I know, TMI, but these are the things I think of. Oh, not to do to myself, but how it will fit in a haiku.

  • Nishido

    He took his shoes off… But not his cap… Mysterious.

  • Mario

    No weight loss in death?
    what happened to the 21 grams?