The Secret Origin Of Zombie Head


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  • J/Metro

    Oooooh….I love secret origins! I just hope this doesn’t get retconned out of existence the next time a Crisis comes.


    • Robert

      You never know when you have to change a golf club into baseball bat in order to make a future comic work.

  • Matt

    just don’t change too much, then you might end up with “Ultimate” Zombie Head, or “Amazing” Zombie Head…or even Zombie “Zombie” Head, and we’ll all wish for the days when it was just good ol’ Zombie Head, and a golf club was a golf club.

    this is one of the funniest ones yet for certain, IMHO, etc. I’ll jus’ be chucklin’ to my self later thinkin’ of his lil’ head jus’ sittin’ there.

    • Drew

      Soooo….. which one is Robert and which is Nathan? ;-)

      • Rebecca

        Drew, Not even close! For the closest drawing of the boys, I must refer you to the “Blown Up” haiku,

        Bob has a fro, Nathan has glasses…LOL!!!

        • Robert

          And the wives are the aliens getting blown up :p

          • Becky

            the wives are cuter than that… ;-P