By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

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  1. Guido’s Garlic Style Pizza is the BEST! By the way, is Wolfman in a coma here? I thought garlic was bad for bow wow types! Or is he an uber bow wow who can eat garlic and onions and chocolate?

  2. He’s just fat, dumb, and happy. Garlic is fine for him, but I’m sure that vamp isn’t going to be too happy.

    • The sad thing is, the werewolf will probably wake up the next morning, see the pile of dust in the corner and the scabs on his neck and think it’s probably just time to clean the house because he’s got fleas.

  3. So does this mean that the werewolf is now going to be a VAMPIRE-werewolf?

    Because, you know…that would be awesome.


    P.S. If they can’t, exactly, “cross-pollinate”, I can always hold out hope that the vampires will go for the crippled clown next…

  4. Too funny :-)
    Look like we don’t have to kill the authors ?

    => Vampires origin is from ancient Greece (and probably all other celtics peoples). They are what today we call… zombies. They drunk the life (ancient greeks say the dead peoples want to revive by driknik blood. You see it’s not new).

    => Werewolves don’t fear garlic. Only living-deads fear it.
    Garlic not only has a powerfull scent (and then “fight” the powerfull scent of the deads), but also is really good for health.
    Don’t forgot in past time, vampirism was seen like a disease. What fight one can fight the other.

    => Theorically, you can be vampire only if you are killed by another vampire.
    Usually, the infected teeth and the blood loss make the death coming quick.

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