By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

Poll: What Are Your Favorite Comics?

Bob and I would like to ask a favor. It’s not much really, considering that we slave over these comics and give them away to you for nothing. What we would like? Some feedback.

Using the poll that has been included below (RSS feed subscribers may need to view the full post to reply to the poll), we would really appreciate it if you would take a moment to review the comics we have listed and let us know which are your top three favorites. It shouldn’t take very long for you to look through the list, so if you could spare a few seconds to let us know what you think, it would mean a lot to us. It’s sometimes really difficult to know what strips work and what strips don’t without some feedback from our readers.

You will notice that many comics have been excluded from this list. As some of our own favorites have been left off of the list so, most likely, have some of your favorites have been left off of the list as well. There is a reason why these particular comics were chosen for this poll, so please respond in that spirit. Even if none of the comics on this list are your all-time favorites, if you could let us know which three you like the best it would really help.

Thanks a lot everyone!

Of the following comics, which three do you like the most? (Click on the titles to view the comics.)

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