By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

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    • HEY! Only professionals are allowed to haiku in here. Oh wait, nm, we’d have to close the site.

  1. Hmm…so the Vampires have the Mummy on their side. That hardly seems fair. I certainly hope that the Werewolves have a secret weapon, too. Maybe the Creature From the Black Lagoon. Or Frankenstein’s Monster, even…


  2. Funny thing is in myths, werewolves are fare more intelligent than vampires and mummies. But in theses modern times, canids are not really loved.

    • The first werewolf story I was ever exposed to was through an Amazing Spider-Man record and storybook called “The Mark of the Man-Wolf.” I can still remember the snarling growls of John Jameson, astronaut and son of J. Jonah Jameson, as he transformed. That record gave me nightmares.

      I have no particular bias against werewolves (Bob might, I dunno), but I do see the transformation of man to wolf as akin to that of Dr. Jekyl or Bruce Banner. But, you know, we’re just spoofing the horror genre here, in any case — there isn’t a whole lot of room for more than broad caricatures and obvious stereotyping. That is the nature of the comic strip.

  3. Hey ! Mr Hyde was not stupid, as far as i remember it. He just changed from gentle to evil.
    And Marvel is not know for his love of animals.

    But don’t think you have to justify yourself. Your comic IS really funny.

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