By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

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  1. In celebration of Haiku Comics publishing its 50th comic strip today, I wanted to take a little extra time and give you guys something special. Sorry for the delay, but I hope you like it!

    • If you fellas ever get around to making up some zombie baby merchandise (tee-shirts, action figures, etc), I am soooo there.


      (Congrats on the first 50! Here’s to 50 more! Long live the Olsen Bros!)

      • Thanks, Jonny. Coming from a guy who publishes a new review every day, that mean a lot.

        I’m all for Haiku Comics merchandise, but we need a few more readers to make it a viable proposition. Anyone have 10,000-30,000 fans they can lend us? I want a Zombie Baby vinyl sculpture, damn it!

  2. so, you know how the comics will show the side by side progressional changes of the characters (thinking of how different the Simpsons look today vs when they began)? i think it would be cool to see that with baby zombie…she has come along quite well for a zombie!!

    • Just think what Zombie Baby will look like in another four months!

      You know, if Zombie Baby is going to be our mascot, she really needs a name. Hrm. Maybe we’ll have to have a contest or something.

  3. @Robukka

    I can see where you would think they are the same since they both use the same basic end panel. However, this was done on purpose since we have had a lot of our readers really like the Zombie Baby and wanted to tie it into the first comic we ever did. The haikus themselves and what is happening in them is different though.

    • Translation: We are hacks scraping the bottom of the shallow bowl from which we draw our inspiration. Unable to actually come up with any new ideas, we regurgitate the same old, stale jokes again and again, hoping no one will notice.

      No, wait, I think that’s Garfield. Whoops!

    • Congratualtions guys!
      I didn’t read the title until AFTER I read the strip, which made it even funnier!

      Maybe for 100 it will be color, and 200 will be…. 3D modeled and then…. lol ;-)

  4. I came across this site from the Flight forums and I’m glad I clicked on the link. These are very unique and happen to be in a strange/horror style that is very appealing to me. This baby kinda reminds me of the old garbage pail kids cards I wanted to trade in grade school but my parents wouldn’t let me get any. Keep it up!

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Haiku Comics often pokes fun at the horror film genre and may contain humorous drawings of nudity and violence not suitable for children or the workplace.