By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

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  1. or the genitalia of the chupacabra!!! i was totally wondering about the monster who wanted the friend…well, at least now i know i was right

  2. nathan, you are too much! i just realized that the front left zombie had his finger tips bitten off! i was too busy laughing at the ax cut in his head! you give us a lot to look at in these photos and give bob’s words a flash of life…not bad for re-animating a bunch of rotting corpses!

  3. Thanks! I have been trying to give thought to the different characters that I draw in this strip, so I’m glad to know that it’s appreciated. I almost threw in zombie baby, but I didn’t want to overdo it.

  4. Zombie genitals. Now I’ve seen everything.

    But when do we find out the answer to the age-old question first posed in the Monster Squad: Does the Wolf-Man have nards?

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