By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

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  1. Sweet Merciful Crap! I love this little project of yours–blending the terrifying imagery of horror movies with the Zen aesthetic of Japanese Haiku? And in comic form, no less? Sheer genius, I assure you. That’s essentially my three favorite things rolled into one bizarre little burrito: Freakery, Geekery and Beatnikery! I fully intend to pimp your comic on my modest little blog. Keep up the brilliant work.


  2. Thank you J. It truly is a labor of love between my brother and I. We hope you stick around and continue reading.

    And for those that don’t know, J’s name is a link to his blog. I haven’t had the time to really dig down into it yet, but it certainly looks like something I’d be interested in.

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Haiku Comics often pokes fun at the horror film genre and may contain humorous drawings of nudity and violence not suitable for children or the workplace.