It needs to be said, so I’ll say it: Welcome. Thank you for stopping by. I think I speak for my brother as well when I express the hope that you find our little comic enjoyable and that you might stop by again. Our current publishing schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with additional news updates as required.

Haiku Comics is written by my brother, Robert Olsen, and drawn by me, Nathan Olsen. This collaboration began tentatively just a few weeks ago at Bob’s suggestion, and I’ve personally found the experience to be great fun. While the focus has thus far been on the undead, we have left the door open to exploring other pastures as we see how things progress. For now, however, I hope that you really enjoy zombies, because as I look over the schedule for the next few weeks, it’s all zombies, all the time.

Tomorrow we will be beginning our first multi-part storyline, which should serve as a gentle reminder to the reader of the threat posed by the undead during casual night-time strolls through one’s neighborhood parks and┬ácemeteries. Remember, if you must be out at night, please walk briskly. And keep a wooden stake and cross with you at all times. Only constant┬ávigilance┬ácan quell the rising rate of attacks by the undead during this global pandemic.

Don’t be a victim. Be alert. Be prepared. And travel in groups whenever possible.