Earth Invaders


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  • Steve Millikin
    Steve Millikin

    It’s back!! Yay!!!

  • Rebecca

    Welcome back, boys! =0)

  • Rebecca

    Good job daddy and uncle Nathan. I am so proud of you two. P.s. this is from Gidge.

  • Louise

    so glad to have you guys back. missed your humor

  • J/Metro

    FINALLY! I feel like a junkie who has gone without his fix for far too long. Good to see those smug little alien bastards again, too.

    Welcome back, fellas. We missed ya.

  • BradyDale

    Ha, ha, ha! Just like ENDER’S GAME!

    What I like about this comic is that you are mucking about with haiku. Years and years and years ago, I got on a haiku listserv, but I quit it quickly once I learned they hated it if you wrote about anything but nature.

    I always thought that missed the point of haiku.

    This site must make them absolutely chomp with furry.