By Nathan Olsen & Robert Olsen

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    • It’s nice to know that when my brother and I cross the line and make a comic that’s as crass and vulgar as this one, that our fans will be right there with us to egg us on to do more.

      We’re all going to hell.

      • Going to Hell? Think our first class tickets have already been purchased. So, on that note … what’s next on the gratuitous sex / violence theme? :p

          • Yeah, I was really upset when they said we couldn’t do that one. I mean from the recreation of the Stormtrooper “interrogation” to the what really happened before Luke and Leia found out there were siblings, I thought we had a good thing going.

  1. Funny, my teen sleepovers were nothing like this.

    Oh that’s right, it’s because I had no friends.

  2. Enough about the babes and boobies, Nathan is all artist no doubt…

    But Tawdry Teen Terror?

    At the risk of offending school children and mothers alike…

    That’s fucking brilliant, Robert.

  3. Well, this got a lively chit-chat going. I do so enjoy the mix of sex and gore. It’s so…so…graphic; delicious. It just don’t get no better than that. Well, maybe a 10 part Princess Leia slave costume storyline wouldn’t have been so bad. The REAL Stormtrooper “interrogation”? Aw, c’mon guys, ya can’t tease us with comments like that and then hold out on us. Although, ya really came thru with this colorful panel.

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